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The following article is taken from the Canarian Legal Alliance website:

Spanish Supreme Court’s decision declaring Timeshare Contracts in Perpetuity NULL & VOID 03.04.2015

April 3, 2015 by CLA

The importance of this Supreme Court decision is HUGE. In Spain access to the Supreme Court is very very limited. Only claims for more than 600.000 euros may have access. In other cases for the claimant to have access, he/she needs to show that there is real legal interest, for instance, that there is a real need of a unified interpretation about a controversial legal point that perhaps has been decided in different ways before. In this case the Supreme Court judgements have the effect to interpret the law and how has to be applied by the other Courts (First Instance courts and Courts of Appeal, etc.). The Supreme Court has pointed the way that has to be followed by lower courts.


The paradox is that this time was Anfi who appealed the Supreme Court seeking for confirmation that what they were doing was correct. There had been two different decisions from the Court of Appeal in Las Palmas so Anfi considered that the Supreme Court should decide what interpretation was correct. Unfortunately for them (and for any other Club that has sold timeshare contracts for more the 50 years after 1999) the Supreme Court has ruled against them.


In Gran Canaria this will affect timeshare  clubs such as Palm Oasis or Puerto Calma, among the most poplars. In Tenerife Beverly Hills Club and Heights, Hollywood Mirage and Palm Beach Club could also be affected. Generally speaking this may affect to any Club based in Spain or at least to those resorts located in Spain. The impact can be enormous.


The key issue has been that Law 42/98 included a Transitional Provision, the Second, which deals with Pre-existing regimes. This provision gave the Clubs which were operating before the entrance into force of this Law the possibility to continue to exist forever, BUT the weeks not yet sold would have to be adjusted to it. This means that the schemes can continue to exist in perpetuity, but the weeks sold within the scheme will have to have a maximum duration that cannot exceed 50 years.


Anfi and many other clubs believed that both the Regimen and the Weeks could be sold in perpetuity. This was the big mistake that now has been clarified by the Supreme Court resolution.

From a J P Morgan analyst:

DRI "growth depends on selling to new customers rather than existing customers".

Pyramid Scheme implied? We know that the existing customer service is bad to non-existent in the DRIP experience.

From a J M Securities Investment analyst:

"....no effective secondary market exists to resell time share."

Well we all know this now due to the bitter DRI experience but it is interesting to see a professional analyst also saying that the DRI sales pitch of the timeshare being a valuable asset is a lie, even if only by implication. This quote should be writ large on the front page of all timeshare and re-sales documentation!


"If an effective and cost efficient secondary market develops, (DRI's) ability to sell vacations through its sales channels would be seriously impaired."

The logical assumption is that DRI do not want an efficient secondary market as it is against their own interests.
Basic summary. It is not in DRI's interests to service existing customers or to support the resale of their timeshare weeks or points. 
king eric Just about to advise DRI we are not going to stump up any more ££s for increasing management fees. We ran ou...
Old_Deuteronomy Nice to have independent confirmation of what we all know. DRI still claim the ability to sell on, ESPECIALLY with thei...

Welcome to the DRIP website. This is a store of information on dealing with Diamond Resorts International, ways of coping with their aggressive tactics and details of the experiences of people who have freed themselves from demands for exponentially increasing 'Maintenance Fees'.

In order to read this information, you need to register and complete an application form. ALL application forms, without exception, are processed manually before acceptance, so it can take some time before forum access is granted.
There are literally thousands of comments on the site and it is not possible for the small admin team to search through on your behalf. No-one receives any money for running this site, so please don't ask others to do your research for you. As far as possible, we have tried to group information together in the forums so please spend a bit of time reading them to find out what you need.
Unlike other sites which might make empty promises to buy back timeshare or solve your problems for you, we don't. We just provide a place where people can find out the real experiences of those who have owned timeshare with DRI so that they know the truth and can make an informed decision on how to cope with their own situation.  It IS possible to free yourself. It is NOT a quick or easy fix. Anyone who says anything else is either misleading or deliberately lying to you.
There is NO CHARGE for joining this site. It is, however, a private group of individuals and just because you register and complete an application form that is no guarantee of acceptance. We reserve the right to refuse membership without giving a reason. In practice, very few applications are denied and usually these are because the applicant is unwilling to supply information that enables us to prove their bona-fides.
All we want is fairness. We have no desire to harm DRI, its members or associates. All we ask for is that members of DRI who no longer wish to continue their membership should have the right to resign and have no further charges to pay from the date of their resignation. In an ideal world, with a reasonable company, one could also expect a proportion of the original investment to be returned, but we don't ask for that. All we ask for is that once a member has resigned they should be left alone and not harassed for fees for something they don't want and are not using. You wouldn't pay someone not to clean your windows. Why should you pay for someone not to provide you with holiday accommodation?
If you are thinking of a timeshare resale agency to solve all your problems, please watch this first:

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For those who purchased timeshare in Spain, have a look at this page on the TCA website:

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Where can I download the resignation template letter?
Just follow the well trodden path shown here, it works.
Steven, they’ll give you a piece of paper to sign and inform you that you are all sorted so you owe them the fee. Of course, all they’ll do is contact your timeshare company and tell them you want to leave, they have no more leverage than you.
Good morning, I have been contacted by a company called "Claims Agent" under the banner of Timeshare Claim and Relinquishment. Today I have a claims advisor visiting and I just wonder if others have had any success with a no win no fee company?
check dubious calls here [link] This one is a finance company. Nothing to do with timeshare.
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